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Castleton Farms Wedding || Britney & Wyatt

A Castleton Farms Wedding with a Rainbow

Hugging him from behind at Castleton Farms Wedding with a Rainbow by Amanda May Photos

All week I watched the weather. It said 70-80% chance of rain on Saturday and it wasn’t changing. It was beautiful all week until Saturday. But as we know in East Tennessee you cannot trust the forecast until the day before and even then it could still flip at the drop of a hat. So finally Friday came. I woke up and the first thing I did was check the weather. It was still going to rain but it was all overnight rain. It was cleared out by 8am and the rest of the day looked perfect. A high of 67, partly cloudy, 2-3% precipitation for the rest of the day. At that forecast, I was praising Jesus for answered prayers and I would have never ever thought for one second that I then would have gotten to take RAINBOW pictures with them!

So what is this rainbow all about? The sun was coming and going all day. You can see this throughout their photos below… some are extra warm with that glow and others a little darker with the overcast clouds. It was what it was and honestly, it was perfect. At the point in the evening that we were beginning to think about sunset photos, the sun was tucked behind some clouds. I pulled out my nifty weather channel app and began checking to see if the clouds were here to stay this time. And little did I know that the percentage of rain had jumped up later into the evening. I looked up at the sky and decided if we were going it needed to be now. So we set off. As soon as we left the reception the sun came out just enough to get some glowy photos. I stopped them once in case it decided to tuck away again. I stopped them twice because it was still out. Then we took the longer drive up to the top of the hill to shoot back overlooking the property. On that drive, Britney told me that all she asked mother nature for was 65 degrees and no rain. She made a joke that 67 would work too (because that was the high for the day). Her and Wyatt went on about how Mother Nature was showing off for us all day with this weather and I couldn’t agree more with her. We got to the top of the hill and it tucked in just enough to do some photos with the property in the background and while we were shooting those, we felt sprinkles. Shoot. Okay, I guess we’re done. I don’t want you guys to get caught in a monsoon, so lets head back. We hopped in the golf cart and Britney said, “Mother Nature is now like, okay lady, I’ve done enough for you” and someone else chimed in and said “Yeah… she’s flexed long enough… she’s tired now and needs to take a break” And I’m not kidding you, as those comments left their mouth we looked over and there was a giant rainbow in the sky. Britney immediately said I’ll get out in the sprinkles for that! Can we take a photo with the rainbow??? Mother Nature wants to show off one more time! The driver of the cart said, “she heard us making fun of her and she had to prove us wrong”. One of my favorite photos from the day is that rainbow shot. So stinking cool!

We went from full pouring, to no rain at all, to just enough drizzle to give us a rainbow! For the record, it didn’t rain the rest of the night. God always knows how to put a smile on my face when he gives such crazy awesome stories for me to share with you guys after a wedding day!

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Vendors used by Britney & Wyatt:

Second Photographer: Alaina Rene Photography

Venue: Castleton Farms

Florist: Melissa Timm Designs

Cake: Lambert’s Southern Pies & Bake Shop

DJ: Ogle Entertainment

Hair & Makeup: Bangs and Blush

Wedding Dress: Lillian Ruth Bride

Bridesmaids Dresses: Davids Bridal

Men’s Attire: Mens Wearhouse

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