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Castleton Farms Engagement || Erin & Logan

A Freezing but Sunny Castleton Farms Engagement Session

I thought I was going to escape shooting in the bitterly cold this winter. Somehow, my sessions this off-season have either been indoors on the really cold days or have happened to fall on the many gorgeous 50+ degree weather days. I say 50+ because bitterly cold is a very subjective term. I’m not a total baby. I can handle the upper 40s, but when we get into lower 40s or 30s, I struggle. I am not cut out for life in the north, I will admit that right now.

Erin and Logan’s Castleton Farms engagement session was deceptively cold. The sun coming into these photos, and the dress Erin is sporting like it’s no big deal makes you think it was 70 degrees. This session, however, was my coldest outdoor session of the year coming in at a high of 34 degrees. Plus, it was windy! I genuinely don’t know how Erin did it in her knee-length, short sleeve dress. I can’t even see goosebumps on her arms. At the end of their Castleton Farms engagement session, my hands were so numb, I almost couldn’t move the dials on my camera.

As we chatted during their Castleton Farms engagement session, I asked Erin which vendors she has chosen. You guys, she seriously has the Castleton dream team. I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that their wedding is going to flow seamlessly with the crew they have put together. I love these peeps so much, and I’m not talking about the yellow marshmallow chicks.

Enjoy scrolling through these sunny engagement photos. Just remember, it was snowing the morning of their session.

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