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Castleton Sunrise Engagement || Mikayla & Steven

A Gorgeous Castleton Sunrise Engagement

Wrapping arms around her at Castleton Engagement by Amanda May Photos

Mikayla & Steven live out of town. They have a looooong drive to get to Knoxville and didn’t have many times between hiring me and their wedding date that they were planning on being in town. It’s always nice with Castleton couples though, because they have at least one time they come into town on a week day for their planning experience and most of the time we’ll double that up with their engagement session before they head back. The only time it isn’t great is when the weather isn’t cooperating. Which is what happened with Mikayla and Steven. We had chatted about the rain forecast 4 days before their session was scheduled to happen. But 4 days in advance is as unreliable as looking 1 month in advance. It can change on a dime so we decided to talk more the day before their session when I got to see them at their planning experience.

Fast forward to the planning experience. I pulled up the weather while we were sitting in the Castleton planning room and suggested maybe doing a Castleton sunrise engagement session instead of sunset. The reasoning was simply because the morning had a way lower likelihood of rain than the evening and even partly sunny. Both Steven and their two moms laughed as they looked at Mikayla and said do you think you could swing that? Mikayla smiled and confessed to me that she is really not a morning person. I joked as I told her I would bring her a starbucks drink if that would help. It was tempting but even in the span of 1 hour the weather had changed, so we decided to wait until that evening to make the final decision. Sure enough, the rain chances at sunset ended up being about 80% so they opted for the sunrise and I did in fact bring Mikayla a starbucks drink to show my gratitude for waking up before dawn to make this happen. And can I just say, I think we can all agree that it was worth it because LOOK AT THIS GLOW! I love sunrise sessions and the glow of the sunrise.

Another perk to doing a sunrise Castleton engagement session is that the opposite side of the property is the backdrop at sunrise. At their planning experience, Mikayla asked me if I planned on using different spots for their engagement vs. the wedding so the two would look different. Since we did a sunrise Castleton engagement session, this inherently happened because of the direction of the light. We will likely not shoot in any of these spots on their wedding day because sunset is on the opposite side of the property and will have that side in the backdrop. So, if you’re a Castleton bride and that is something that is important to you, sunrise is definitely something worth considering 🙂

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