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Castleton Farms Wedding || Bridget & Michael

Castleton Farms Carriage House Wedding

Smiling at the camera at Carriage House Wedding by Amanda May Photos

The words for this blog post are hard for me to write because although I was supposed to take Bridget & Michael’s Carriage House wedding photos, I had a massive health scare the morning of their wedding and my second shooter had to become my associate lead shooter and we found an amazing second shooter to take her role. This just solidifies my reasons even more why a second shooter is SO necessary on your wedding day! It wasn’t nearly as stressful because I already had someone lined up and set aside to work with me for majority of the day! So I did not get to take these beautiful images myself, however, I am so proud of these photos. I am so proud of the love they show, of the beautiful day they represent, and of how well my team came together and loved on this couple despite the scary call they got at 8:30am on their wedding day. I have heard testimony after testimony not only from Bridget and Michael, but also from other vendors at this Carriage House wedding just how amazing Alaina and Kandace were. How well they worked together and also how well they served Bridget & Michael.

I get this question a lot from inquiring brides: what happens if you can’t be there on our wedding day? Let’s say you get into a car wreck on your way to our wedding or one of your kids ends up in the hospital or you break your shooting hand and can’t hold a camera? What do you do?? Historically, I have had what I call a “fire drill” of steps for either myself, my assistant, or my husband to perform in order to make sure a lead photographer and a second shooter are present on your wedding day. But I’ve never actually had to implement this fire drill in 13 years of doing this. Until April 29, 2023 when I got out of bed at 7:15am and couldn’t stand up without so much dizziness that I was falling over constantly and puking my guts up. I wanted to spend that Saturday serving Bridget & Michael, but instead I found myself sitting in an ER having tests that would thankfully rule out a heart attack, stroke, and tumor. I finally left the hospital at 6pm that evening with a diagnosis of Peripheral Vertigo. Thank you JESUS for letting it be something that is non life threatening. And actually is WAY more common than I ever knew. And now, I have an example of that fire drill actually coming into action and working and my couple still receiving BEAUTIFUL stunning images from their day to remember it with for years and years and decades to come.

But enough about me. I have to brag on Bridget and Michael now. I can tell you dozens upon dozens of brides who would have been distraught at the information I delivered to Bridget at 8:30am the morning of her wedding. Most would have started bawling in fear that their worst nightmare was coming true, that their wedding would not be photographed by their chosen photographer. They would have spiraled into questions on who I was choosing and were they good enough and how would the images look and are they as qualified as me. But Bridget didn’t ask me a single question about the wedding or my plan. She simply responded with “Oh my gosh, are you okay, Amanda???” Wait. Was she asking about ME? Bridget didn’t start crying but I did. Like a complete baby. I told her “Don’t worry about me you sweet bride, I will be fine, just know that you are taken care of by my most amazing top picks of a photographer team today and your wedding will be beautifully captured.” Her response to this was “Oh, I trust you. I trust you and your team. I have no doubt that the pictures will be perfect”. The words that she said to me in that moment took SUCH a relief off my plate that I finally felt like I could breathe and truly start figuring out what was wrong with me. She relayed this message to Michael who also didn’t seem to have a single concern. They even texted me two days after their wedding to check on me and see how I was doing! I am blown away at their thoughtfulness, consideration, and overall response to this whole situation. And let me tell you, as I went through the photos, I could tell that this rang true. Their emotions did not falter. Their joy was not cut short. They embraced their day just as they would have if I had been there myself and for that I am so thankful. I told Bridget on the phone “I am not the one that brings bad news on a wedding day. I am always the one making the load lighter, bringing happiness and joy and it is KILLING me to bring news that could even for a second take away from that joy.” But looking back at these photos, I don’t think it did at all. They are precious. The day was perfect. And I am so proud to be delivering these Carriage House wedding images to a couple that has such grace that it is palpable.

Massive, gigantic thank you to Alaina Rene Photo and KLY Photography for stepping up at the last minute in ways I could NEVER repay you for and documenting this Carriage House wedding so magically! Our little Knoxville Photography community took a hit this weekend with me going down and another local photog in a serious car accident. Those that could step up did so in such a beautiful way and it made me even more thankful for our community here. I cannot tell you the kindness of the local photographers in Knoxville. It is only by the grace of Jesus that we have so many amazing, kind people in this little group of ours!

Vendors used by Bridget & Michael:

First Photographer: Alaina Rene Photography

Second Photographer: KLY Photography

Venue: Castleton Farms

Florist: Melissa Timm Designs

DJ: Stephen Goff Entertainment

Hair & Makeup: Bangs and Blush

Wedding Dress: White Lace and Promises

Bridesmaids Dresses: Azazie

Men’s Attire: Prestige Tuxedo

Rentals: All Occasions Party Rentals

Caterer: All Occasion Catering

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