I was designed with a strange combination of skills. While I am a professional wedding photographer now, I started out as a CPA auditing major companies like Nissan, Goodwill, and Gibson guitar. After joining the entrepreneur world, I realized how few small business owners actually feel confident in running their small business. Watching friends in the industry suffer from not knowing how to manage their money or pay their taxes inspired me to create educational resources to help other small business owners succeed while doing the trade that brings them the most joy.

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Small business Workshop

Every January, I host the small business workshop in Knoxville, TN. It is geared towards helping small businesses understand and organize the business side of their trade. There are numerous speakers who present on topics like bookkeeping, accounting, taxes, money management, hiring, going full time, self care, social media, marketing, insurance, licensing, etc… In addition to the knowledge you gain, there is also accountability. The workshop allows for 40-50 attendees that you will have time to network with. Building these relationships can be mutually beneficial as you step into growing your small business. This workshop started in 2018 and has allowed attendees to turn their passion into full time careers. 



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“I still have my workshop booklet in my office at home and refer back to it often. If you have the opportunity to attend this workshop- don’t wait, don’t walk, RUN!”

Brittani Sloan Photography



“Do yourself and your business a favor and let these amazing, talented people help you up-level your business.”

Michael & Erin Fox



“For me, this is the event of the year! The skills I learned at this workshop allowed me to go full time in 2020!”

Say Yes with Jess Weddings



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I am a three on the enneagram. That means that one of the things that comes most natural to me is seeing the end goal and mapping out the best and most effective way to get to that goal. With one on one coaching, I want to help you identify your ultimate goal, map out mini goals along the way, and create a plan for success in your business. 1:1 coaching can be done virtually or in person and starts at $350. We can custom tailor a Q&A time to discuss topics that will benefit you the most or you can choose from my preplanned subjects like Taxes & Bookkeeping, Delegation & Automation, or Posing & Lighting.



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More Kind Words

what my coaching clients

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"I applied that simple advice you gave me about my responses to potential clients and booked FIVE sessions yesterday. No new post, no different pricing, no special, just the advice you gave me on how to respond and communicate better!! Thank you for all you do Amanda for individuals and for the business community in our area!!”

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"To learn from Amanda May is, and always has been, a huge honor! She is so knowledgeable in all things business related, as well as connecting with your clients and building relationships. I knew I needed to take my business to the next level but wasn't sure where to start.”

Devon Clevenger

"We did a 1 on 1 Tax & Business mentorship with Amanda and it is honestly the best investment we have made for our business! Because of Amanda, we feel so confident that we are running our photography business legally which is a HUGE relief!”

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For pricing details and availability, please send a message via email. I accept a limited number of 1:1 coaching clients and my workshop is held once a year in January.


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