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Knoxville Botanical Engagement Session || Jadyn & Corban

A Sunny Winter Knoxville Botanical Engagement Session

Jadyn and Corban just moved here with the majority of their family from California. Every time I think of California, I think of 70 degree year-round temperatures with little to no rain, lots of sunshine, and different kinds of plants and blooms. I forget that singular state consists of all the climates of the United States. It just so happens the part of California Jadyn and Corban are from is the exact same climate as Knoxville. When I asked them at their Knoxville Botanical engagement session if allergies had hit them yet, they kind of shrugged. “Not really any more than the normal allergies we would get in California.” Because they have the same temps this time of year, which breed the same kind of plants and blooms. That’s really nice since the biggest smack in the face people get after moving here from other states is the allergies, and the layer of yellow they aren’t used to seeing on their car every single morning. I’m so glad it hasn’t been a terribly hard transition for them and their family!

Also, can we talk about how cute they are? They laughed more than the average couple and molded into each other’s arms so easily and perfectly. Most poses that can be challenging and require a bit of practice just fell effortlessly together for Corban and Jadyn. It was such a joy for me to capture this sweet season of their relationship. So thankful they allowed me to come alongside them at their Knoxville Botanical engagement session to photograph their love.

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