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Knoxville Botanical Garden Summer Engagement || Drew & Cade

Summer Engagement Session at Knoxville Botanical Garden

If you’ve followed me for any amount of time, you know my words come out faster than my brain processes them sometimes, and I get myself into weird, awkward moments or moments with my foot wedged into my mouth. Well, Drew and Cade’s summer engagement session was no different. It has been a few months since they hired me as their wedding photographer. I always have phone calls with my inquiring couples to get to know them a little better to make sure we are a good fit. On that call, I found out Cade is a professional golfer. I took notes about it. Notes I look at before going to the engagement session to refresh my memory before meeting them in person. For Drew and Cade’s summer engagement session, I had just gotten back from vacation then photographed a wedding. It was a little crazy with the kids, catching up on emails, editing, and all the things. So, I just ran out of time to look back on my notes before I left for their session.

As we chatted, we made a connection between Cade and some of my past clients. These past clients coach football so sports come up. I’m asking him about his football history and if he played in high school. He proceeds to tell me he golfed. I then ask him if he still golfs. He says, “Umm..Yeah, occasionally.” Then, I ask Drew if she goes with him to golf. She says, “Yeah, but I mostly just watch.” I still didn’t make the connection from our phone call months ago.

Fast forward to the second half of our session, and I ask what they both do for jobs. Cade says, “I’m a professional golfer,” and it ALL comes flooding back into my brain. I start laughing at myself and at the conversation earlier. Wow, could I have messed this up any more? I start apologizing and try explaining myself as we all start laughing. Thankfully, they are so gracious and understanding, but goodness, such an Amanda thing to do 😂 Drew starts laughing and confesses that Cade doesn’t like to brag or talk about being a professional golfer. She said she mostly just watches because she’s sitting in the stands watching her fiancé compete. It was definitely a moment of lots of laughter, and I’m very thankful they were not frustrated with me for not reviewing my notes before their session.

Besides me putting my foot in my mouth, their session was amazing! They photos are gorgeous, and I’m super excited to share them with you guys!

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