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UT Gardens Cake Smash || Caroline Jones

A 1 Year Old UT Gardens Cake Smash

Typically when I photograph children under the age of 3, they still take naps. Inevitably on the day of our session, the child takes a short nap or refuses to nap at all. It’s like they can sense when their parents are trying to get them to take a good nap so they just will not do it. For Caroline’s UT Gardens cake smash session, however, she actually took a really great nap and was in such a good mood for our whole session!

This little girl is the definition of curious. If Curious George took on baby form, he would be Caroline Jones. She couldn’t walk yet, but all she wanted to do was get down and crawl around to explore. I tried different things to get her to stay in one spot long enough for me to get a photo of her by herself. After one click, however, she would be over on all fours crawling off. She’s curious, but she’s also super tough. There is a series of photos in her gallery where I tried getting a photo of the sisters together. I saw them side by side and asked Kinsley (Caroline’s big sis) to put her arm around Caroline to get her to sit there long enough for me to take a photo. Well, Kinsley puts her arm around Caroline, and as she tries to pull away, Kinsley basically takes her into a very loving hug slash head lock and squeezes her to pieces. Caroline never once cries. She rolls around until she can kind of wiggle her way out of it, and then, she’s on the move. She’s a tough little cookie.

We did cake smash photos of Kinsley when she turned one, too, and she was not all about it. She doesn’t particularly love to get her hands dirty, and she definitely wasn’t going to put her face in it. Her sister, however, was all about the cake smash. She did so good. Her hands, her elbows, her face, her feet. She put her whole body into this UT Gardens cake smash, and it was adorable!

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