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Downtown & The Julianna Engagement || Sarah & Hayes

A Sunny Downtown & Julianna Engagement Session

Wrapping arms around her at Julianna Engagement by Amanda May Photos

I’m so excited to share this downtown & Julianna engagement session with you guys. I met up with Sarah and Hayes on Gay Street right before we began their session. I could spot Sarah glowing from a mile away as she rounded the corner. As we approached one another with smiles and a big hug, I realized I haven’t ever actually met this girl, but it feels like we’re old friends. We jumped right into conversation and the same feeling came from Hayes. I don’t know them outside of some emails and a phone call, but it seems to me that these two can make a stranger turn into a friend within seconds. This is a talent that I admire so deeply as an introvert who cowers in a room full of strangers that I am supposed to mingle with. People are usually surprised by this information because when I am photographer Amanda, I become so extroverted. Full of energy, working a room and making jokes and talking to anyone who wants to talk. When I put my camera down though, it’s a whole other ball game. I envy people who can just flow in conversation and make friends so easily. It is such a gift and Sarah and Hayes have it.

These two have been together a long time. Hayes loves all things outdoor… hunting, fishing, camping, you name it, he probably does it. Sarah loves being with Hayes, but if she catches a fish, you best bet it will be Hayes that is taking it off the hook. And if the moment calls for complete silence, maybe count Sarah out. Especially during this season of wedding planning. I have never related so much to anyone. Any time I am “supposed” to be quiet, my thoughts are free to roam and explore avenues I don’t usually have time to and I just want to talk about them. I want to laugh about the rabbit holes I go down and the weird, awkward scenarios I create in my head. I would be a horrible hunting partner.

Anywho, it was an absolute pleasure exploring downtown Knoxville with these two and shooting in spots that I don’t usually shoot in. My new favorite is the brick arches in the courtyard of the clock tower building downtown. Afterward we moved to the Julianna engagement part of our session and wow, the sunset there never fails to amaze me. I hope and pray we have a blazing sunset on Sarah and Hayes wedding day as well!

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