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Garden Engagement Session || Jessica & Todd

A Beautiful Spring Garden Engagement Session

Hugging during Garden Engagement Session by Amanda May Photos

For Jessica & Todd’s engagement session, Todd, who I learned is notoriously late to everything, beat Jessica. She may or may not kill me for putting that in my blog post, but it’s important because I wanted to share with you what happened just after Jessica arrived. Todd disappeared for a second and came back holding a bouquet of flowers. He handed them to Jessica and said, “Because I know it’s been a little stressful getting ready for this, I thought these might bring some joy.”

Are you kidding me?? How sweet is that?? Okay fairy tale… I see you unfolding all perfectly before we move into a romantic engagement session.

I had so much fun getting to know Jessica & Todd more as we photographed their engagement photos. We used some petals from earlier mentioned bouquet to do a cute petal toss photo. Then her mom and bff blew up some balloons for us to use in a few shots. Jessica even thought ahead to remember to bring a ring box that matches the color scheme of her wedding for me to photograph her ring in. I rarely use props and when I do, I don’t super get into them, but Jessica and Todd’s props were really stinking cute.

Also, if you are a photographer looking at this, I need to address the elephant in the room. Apparently there is a lot of controversy ravishing through the internet right now on whether or not we are allowed to shoot at Baxter Gardens. The verbiage on the Baxter website was really obscure last year and that verbiage was not changed going into April this year. There were no signs posted around Baxter clarifying any of that verbiage at the time of Jessica & Todd’s session. It has come to my attention that a little clarification has been given since Jessica & Todd’s engagement shoot in those first few days of April and professional photographers are not supposed to shoot in the gardens officially starting this year. I was unaware at the time of Jessica & Todd’s engagement session, but since have relocated all my other sessions that were originally scheduled for Baxter Gardens.

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