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The White Room Newborn Session || Landry Armstrong

The White Room Newborn Session

The Armstrongs came from Kingsport for their White Room newborn session in West Knoxville. There are very specific instructions I give to every family before a newborn session. There are separate sets of instructions based on where we are meeting. I don’t have instructions for if the family is coming to me with a 2 hour drive though. That kind of throws a kink in my instructions. These instructions are very specific to help the baby rest well throughout my time with them. They include suggestions about feeding, awake time, and even clothing. As I thought through what these things may need to look like with a 2 hour drive, I was hopeful but not totally sure they would work. Then, I got Landry out to start her White Room newborn session and oh my goodness. This girl was a total angel. She slept so thoroughly, which is the risk you take when you don’t follow the instructions I send. Not that I think a newborn has to sleep for their whole session. In my experience with dozens of newborns in front of my camera, if they aren’t sleeping, they are only happy for about 10 minutes before they need something. To be warmed up, fed, have a diaper change, be held. They for sure become completely uninterested in just laying there swaddled up for cute photos if they are awake. I am still amazed at how easy Landry was and how well she cooperated after such a long drive leading up to her newborn session. Cheers to the Armstrongs. Party of three! I can’t wait to see this cute little nugget again in 6 months!

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