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UT Gardens || Knoxville, TN || Sonnie is 6 Months

UT Gardens 6 Month Session

Sonnie was 6 months and a week in these UT Gardens photos and girl was killing it at sitting. I was so impressed. None of my kiddos were this sturdy until around the 7 month mark. As I edited these photos, I couldn’t believe how much older she looked than Evelyn who is 9 months because she’s so much more squishy! I love a good squishy baby!

Mikia and Wes seriously make such great parents. Throughout the session, I’d say things like, “Have you guys put her on Wes’s shoulders yet? Does she like that?” The answer was always yes. They have done everything with this baby, and she seems to like it all. I love when parents really play with their kids. They put the phone down, turn the TV off, and play with them. They get on the floor, pick up the toy, and use their imagination. Mikia and Wes do this so beautifully, and you can tell they have fun with it. Children are so free. They are so trusting and innocent. Their giggles are so pure. When you become a parent, you get another escape into this place of child-like joy. Dustin and I do it ALL the time. It’s so refreshing sometimes to just leave all the adult things behind and laugh with our kids.

This was Sonnie’s second photo session, and I think she killed this one just as much as she did her first one. In case you want to compare her UT Gardens 6 month session to her newborn session, you can find it here!

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