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The Lodge at Brother’s Cove || Smoky Mountain Wedding || Lesley & Tom

Brother’s Cove Wedding

Honestly, I’m having a hard time with the words to start this blog post. There are so many things I want to say about Lesley and Tom and their wedding at Brother’s Cove that I just don’t know where to begin. Maybe I should start with the thing that stood out the most to me. Lesley and Tom are not ones to love the center of attention. They don’t like being in the spotlight or up on stage or with the microphone. They love to be down in the trenches with their people, no matter if those trenches are filled with smiles and laughter or with tears and hard things. This holds true even with their vendors. I’ve never seen a couple become so passionate about treating their vendors equally to how they treated their guests. You may think I’m exaggerating, but I’m 100% not. It was vitally important to Lesley and Tom that all of their vendors have the exact same experience as their guests. They wanted us to have a table to sit at amongst the guests. They wanted us to have the same meal as the guests. Same dessert as the guests. Same air conditioning as the guests. It started at the rehearsal dinner at Dancing Bear Lodge. The food was INCREDIBLE. Amazing sous vide tenderloin, fried chicken, mashed potatoes, veggies, salad, bread pudding.. The spread was just out of this world. They made a table for the vendors inside while all the guests were outside in the pavilion. When Lesley saw that we were separated from everyone else, she apologized profusely to us and kept coming in and checking on us. Little did she know that we were literally living our best life getting to eat this spread and sit in a chair at a table.

This same mentality rang true 24 hours later on the wedding day as well. There are so many examples, but the most hilarious one was when I came to tell her that I was going to scout sunset photo locations and for her and Tom to eat for about 10 more minutes before I came and snagged them. As I was communicating this, the caterer brought a plate of meatballs that were served as the appetizer at cocktail hour. Lesley was so apologetic that I couldn’t sit down to eat right then when the food was served and insisted on me taking a meatball. I, of course, declined apologetically as I looked to her VIP guests sitting around her table. Give it to one of your beautiful guests right here. I’m sure they would love it. She looks me dead in the eye and said, “Amanda, you need to eat something. I am going to be offended if you don’t take this meatball.” Guys, we both looked at each other and started dying laughing as I took the tooth-picked meatball off the plate and put the whole thing into my mouth at one time 😂

This is the type of people Lesley and Tom are though. So incredibly thoughtful to everyone around them, even the vendors that are there to serve them!

It touched me so deeply and reminded me of the beauty depicted when Christ got on his hands and knees to wash the dirt off of his disciples’ feet. Every night when we put Grayson to sleep, we read this poster written out on his bed. It has lots of lines on it, but one of them says, “I am not better than anyone, and no one is better than me.” Lesley and Tom depicted that so authentically on their wedding day. I’m so grateful to them for allowing me to be a part of such a special day!

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Vendors used by Lesley & Tom:

Venue: The Lodge at Brother’s Cove

Coordinator: 3M Creative Consultants

Hair: Cassi Montecalvo

Wedding Dress: White Lace and Promises

Wedding Dress Designer: Evie Young

Stationery: Minted

Second Photographer: Audrey Stephens Photography

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