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Lavender Farm Maternity || Knoxville, TN || Atkins Family

Lavender Farm Maternity Session

I photographed a wedding a few years ago for a couple named Caity and Kaleb. Kaleb has a sister named Kayla, who I had the absolute pleasure of photographing last week at a beautiful lavender farm in Knoxville. Technically, we were a week past harvesting time, but oh my goodness, it was still so pretty. Plus, the lighting was perfect. More than the location and the weather though, I just really adore this family. They have two little girls, Ella Kate and Ava. They don’t know the gender of their third baby, but they call it Baby Todd. There is a whole story there that I don’t really know, but they all chuckled every time I said Baby Todd so I’m assuming it’s a funny one.

These two are the type of parents that should keep having kids though. Like their kids are the ones we need populating the planet. They were so respectful and mindful, but they also knew how to play and have fun. They participated the entire time happily and played along with whatever silly game I would ask them to do. At one point when Kayla was changing dresses, I took the girls over to some pretty light and tried getting them to laugh. “Poop” didn’t work. “Fart” didn’t work. “Stinky feet” didn’t work. Then, I remembered a good knock knock joke Grayson told me the other day.

Knock Knock

Who’s there?

Interrupting cow


And they both lost it. I had succeeded. The rest of the time, Ava kept asking me to tell jokes, but I only have like 3 total jokes in my arsenal so I just kept telling the same ones over and over. She thought they were hilarious every time though. I need that girl around more 😂

It was so fun spending the evening with this family. And I’m so thankful we got to shoot at the lavender farm because it did not disappoint!

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