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Home Newborn Session || Maryville, TN || Sonnie Fernandez

Home Newborn Session in Maryville, TN

Okay, can we all just agree that the name Sonnie is SO stinking cute? I love it so much. But it’s so much more than just a cute name for these parents. They named their daughter after the mama’s beloved uncle who obtained the nickname Sonnie when he was a boy, and it stuck around through adulthood. As she told me this story when I arrived for Sonnie’s home newborn session, I could feel the love she had for her uncle through her words. She continued by showing me a bow in Tennessee orange that was made out of one of her uncle’s button-ups and had “Sonnie” embroidered on the tail of the bow. You’ll see this shot when you scroll through the photos below.

Naming a child is hard. You think through every nickname they could ever possibly have. You think through what their initials will look like. Recently, a mom said they had finally decided on a name, and then, they realized that the kid’s initials would be GAG so she just couldn’t do it anymore. You say it out loud for weeks and sometimes months to see if it feels right. Because once you write that name on their birth certificate, that’s it. There’s no turning back, and you do not want to mess this up.

For us, we always started our name search in our family history. You’ll read that names circulate back through every 3-4 generations. So, you’ll see names you like probably from your great great grandparents and your great grandparents. Start there. See if anything stands out. Or if you’re like Mikia and Wes and have a dear family member with a super cute nickname like Sonnie, you’re set!


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