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Lifestyle Session || Kate Louise Price

A Precious Lifestyle Session with the Price Family

This may be an all time favorite lifestyle session of mine. I don’t know if it’s the way I know the Price Family’s story a little more intimately than I know some of my other clients. Or if it’s how absolutely precious it was seeing these three boys love on their one and only brand new sister. Or if it was the GORGEOUS light flooding their home. Or the photos that covered their walls – many of which I have taken for them. It may have been the multiple times that this sweet mama teared up as she looked down at her baby girl or the scripture that covered their home. It could be any of those things, but it is for sure, without a doubt, the way they let Christ shine through their souls that gets me the most.

Traci is on the AMP team. She is one of my editors and has been so devoted to serving AMP clients for the last six years. Through extreme trials, she has remained as loyal and hardworking as ever. We both have children around the same ages and we are both what you would say “right in the thick of it”. We barely have time to shave our legs much less journey across Knoxville to have quiet hang out time. It’s one of those seasons where if we have our husband and our kids in one place, we would much rather savor this season with them than leave them to go be alone together. But at the same time, it feels like the Lord continues to weave our story together and reveal so many commonalities that we are just destined to be the best of friends and sisters in Christ. While that time has not quite come yet, I so look forward to early mornings or mid-school days or late nights of worship with this lady right here. Her faith is unwavering. Her love runs deep. Her encouragement is impeccably genuine. When we do get a chance to hang out or text a bit, I always walk away from the conversation feeling lighter, both in the sense of weight and in the sense of brightness. She is so refreshing and carries such joy with her into every interaction. Even when she’s looking up from her first baby girl at their family lifestyle session with tear-filled eyes apologizing for letting her postpartum hormones get the best of her. But lemme tell you, hormones or not, she has been through the valleys these last couple of years, and watching her revel in God’s redemption is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever witnessed and I’m so thankful for that.

Sweet Kate Louise, you are so dearly loved and the Lord has amazing plans for your life.

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