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Branding Sesh || AC Goodman Photography

Branding Session at Highlight Studio

I have watched AC Goodman Photography grow from their very first beginning phase to what they are now, and it has been amazing. This was our very first branding session, but I have had the honor of coaching them on multiple different occasions. I remember when Andrea first attended one of my workshops, and at the end introduced herself to me. I announced at that workshop that I was hiring new second shooters for the upcoming season, and she told me she “wasn’t quite there yet” but one day she really wanted to second shoot for me. Well, I think the only thing she needed was a little more confidence because her work is amazing, and she is officially there and has been for a couple years. I always LOVE having her as my second shooter when she’s available!

She teamed up with her husband Chris, and together they make up AC Goodman Photography. They are seriously some of the best people to be around. One thing you can ALWAYS count on when you are around Andrea and Chris is they will be smiling. You guys, they are always smiling. What emotion do you want ever-present on your wedding day? Joy! And there is no doubt these two bring that into every interaction they have.

I am seriously so humbled they have entrusted me with so much of their education when it comes to their photography business, and I so loved taking some branding photos for them at Highlight Studio. It brings me so much joy watching others implement my suggestions and be fruitful from it. They have worked SO stinking hard to get where they are, and it is paying off. Their work is beautiful, their business is growing, their passion is overflowing, and I am so proud of them! I refer clients to them all the time because I really do believe in them and how they serve their couples.

Thank you, Chris and Andrea, for allowing me to come alongside you in this amazing way. I have absolutely loved watching you guys transform into the photographers you are now. You are truly incredible!

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