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World’s Fair Site || Knoxville, TN || Ava is 6 months

6 Month Session at World’s Fair Site

This little nug has had an eventful 6 months of her life so far. She’s already had to have a surgery to remove a little knot behind her ear. Praise the Lord it was benign, but still, that’s a lot for a little 6 month old. She’s just as happy as ever though and truly gave me the BEST smiles this entire session. Plus, she already has two teeth popping through that you’ll get to see in so many pictures, and it’s just SO stinking cute.

I have to give a special thank you to the Howard family. They are seriously one of the best families to work with. When we looked at scheduling Ava’s 6 month session, we realized she would turn 6 months in January when I was a few weeks postpartum. Without any hesitation at all, Brittney immediately said, “Let’s move it to February so you have more time to heal, and it’ll just be a 7 month session.” This family booked every session in the baby’s first year package with me, which means we would have a healthy gap between her 3 and 6 month photos and a tiny gap between her 6 and 9 month photos. I pointed that out and asked if she was sure. She insisted. Fast forward to getting it on the calendar. While normally every single weekend is taken by weddings, maternity leave has freed up my weekends. So, I have taken full advantage of having all these weekends at home with my family and have come to cherish our Saturdays together. Even though a weekend would work much easier for Brittney and Dusty, she insisted on doing a Friday so that I don’t have to take time away from my family. I am just in awe of how kind and thoughtful they are. Honestly. How I got such amazing clientele I will never know!

Happy 7 months, Ava! You are a beautiful and precious little thing!


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