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1 Year Cake Smash || Knoxville, TN || Cadence Clark

Cake Smash in the Studio

It was pouring the rain during Cadence’s cake smash session, but this is the beauty of having a studio space now. We brought it all inside, I set up my flash stands, and we proceeded as normal. This little chunk did so so good! It’s really hit or miss with cake smash sessions. Either the babes love it, they dive right in, their hands are covered, their faces are covered, sometimes even their feet get covered. Other times, they are completely grossed out with even the idea of touching their hand to a bunch of icing and want absolutely nothing to do with it. I’m excited to say for Cadence it was the former. She dove right in without any hesitation, and did it in the cutest way possible.

It’s hard to believe this little bit is already one year old! I photographed her maternity photos, newborn photos, 6 month photos, and now 12 month photos. Every time I complete a baby’s first year package, it always blows my mind at how in just one year they go from being able to do absolutely nothing, communicate nothing, drink only milk, not even hold their head up to {most of the time} walking and communicating. What better way to celebrate such monumental growth than with lots of sugar and smashing your hands and face in a big ole cake?!?!

Love this family and have so enjoyed watching Cadence grow over this last year!


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