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Castleton Farms Wedding || Knoxville, TN || Lexie & Brett

A Castleton Farms Double Weekend Wedding

The weekend of October 9th & 10th was a crazy one for the AMP team. There were lots of moving parts and prep work to make this weekend go off without a hitch. On the other side of it, I have to say that it went off without a hitch. On Saturday, I shot a wedding at WindRiver with a second shooter while one of my associates, Alyssa Rachelle Photography, shot at Castleton Farms with a second shooter while another associate, Miranda Lawson Photography, shot a rehearsal dinner at Chesapeake’s. I was running around like a crazy person getting memory cards to all of these people the week before and sending massive emails trying to address any issues that may come up that I wouldn’t be available to help with on Saturday since I was shooting my own wedding that day. I am picky about the people I hire to shoot on my behalf. Like, really really picky. There are lots and lots of skilled photographers in Knoxville that I know would provide me with a quality product, but I also want personalities that mesh. It’s important my clients feel loved by this person and that our shooting styles to be similar. This narrows the pool down significantly! I have to say, I had some of the best crew serving my clients this weekend, and I am just SO incredibly thankful. If you don’t already follow their accounts on social media, please go follow and support them now because they are incredible, selfless people that deserve all the support:

@alyssarachellephotos – associate shooter for Saturday’s Castleton Farms wedding (which you can see below)

@acgoodmanphoto – second shooter for Alyssa at Saturday’s Castleton Farms wedding

@mirandalawsonphotography – associate shooter for Saturday’s rehearsal dinner and second shooter for Sunday’s Castleton Farms Wedding

When Lexie originally reached out to me, I was already booked on her date. She had attended a wedding that also booked my associate package, however, and saw the photos from that wedding. So, she knew she would also feel comfortable booking the associate package. The same associate was scheduled to shoot her wedding, but I don’t require a full commitment until 6 months before the date in case they end up booking their own wedding, which she did. So, I lined Alyssa up to shoot for me instead. Lexie was a little nervous since she hadn’t met Alyssa, but after introductions that morning, she looked at Alyssa and said, “Oh my gosh, I feel so much better. You’re amazing.” This is why I’m so picky about my associates, you guys. Their personalities hit it off immediately, and Lexie was able to relax and enjoy her morning. She didn’t have to worry for one second that Alyssa wasn’t going to serve her just as well as I would if I were there myself. Alyssa even got into the bushes to get a good shot, ended up getting poked by a ton of thorns from a rose bush, and her leg swelled up. Talk about dedication. She didn’t realize it was happening until she moved away, and all I could think is how amazing she was for doing whatever it took to get the most epic photograph. Thank you, Alyssa, for serving Lexie and Brett just like I would have, and thank you, Lexie and Brett for trusting Alyssa to serve you! I’m so excited to share your sneak peek blog below!


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Associate Photographer: Alyssa Rachelle Photography

Second Photographer: AC Goodman Photography

Venue: Castleton Farms

Videographer: Milestone Pictures

Florist: Melissa Timm Designs

Cake: Publix

DJ: EastCoast Entertainment & DJ Ben Felton

Hair & Makeup: Bangs and Blush

Wedding Dress & Bridesmaids’ Dresses: White Lace and Promises

Wedding Dress Designer: Martina Liana

Men’s Attire: Regal Tuxedo

Caterer: All Occasion Catering

Officiant: Pastor Kevin Webb


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