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Backyard Wedding || Crossville, TN || Laurel & Zach

A Rainy Backyard Wedding in Crossville, TN

clear umbrellas at this backyard wedding

Laurel and Zach had a small, intimate wedding in Laurel’s family’s backyard in Crossville, Tennessee, the day before we left for Alaska. Originally, they were supposed to have an AMP associate photographer. Since I ended up shooting their engagement session, however, they decided to swap it to being me there on their wedding day. When the wedding day arrived, the rain was literally never-ending, and I was so grateful they chose to add me to their wedding day because shooting a backyard wedding with rain can pose some challenges that would likely be a lot more stressful to an associate! Thankfully, Laurel and Zach are surrounded by incredible family and friends who ran into town (because they live way out in the country in Crossville) to buy tents for the ceremony. Everyone grabbed their umbrellas to share, and Laurel and Zach did not stress one bit about it pouring the whole day.

Did you catch that last sentence? Laurel and Zach didn’t stress one bit about the rain. I truly don’t know how it happened. Honestly, I don’t think I know a single female at all who would have handled it as gracefully as Laurel did. Since it was at their family home, there were no indoor areas to use. There were two very small porches with outdoor furniture on them and a little awning on a white shed, but as far as covered areas, that was pretty much it. As Laurel was getting her hair and makeup done, I asked her how she felt about going out in the rain. Did she want to avoid it like the plague? Did she want to stand on porches only? Was she okay with going out with an umbrella? She just looked up at me and said, “Whatever you think is best. I’m totally fine with getting out in the rain,” and I instantly loved her a little bit more.

The rain really never let up. It was a steady downpour the whole day. Instead of hiding under the porch or inside, Laurel and Zach grabbed umbrellas, and we went to all the spots I would have taken them without rain. We all got drenched. Our feet were disgusting, but it was so worth it!

Thank you, Laurel and Zach, for remembering what your wedding day is really about. Getting married. Which was going to happen in the rain or in the sunshine. You stayed focused on that, and that is what fueled your joy. I can’t thank you enough for braving the rain with me. I do truly think you will love your rainy wedding day photos!!


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