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WindRiver Wedding || Knoxville, TN || Patricia & Donny

Sunny October WindRiver Wedding

In Patricia’s vows to Donny at this WindRiver wedding, she said, “I promise to only make you take a reasonable amount of photos,” and everyone started laughing. There is no doubt Patricia is a photo lover. It’s something you would be able to identify about her quickly if you attended her wedding because it was seriously picture perfect. They may have had to postpone way longer than what they wanted, but in that extra time, I could tell even more how much thought, time, and consideration they put into every single tiny detail. Patricia even thought of where to set up hair and makeup so she could get dressed in front of one of the bay windows in the getting ready suite. The girl prepared for pretty much anything, which is impressive. Her sweet mama was also intricately involved and is more organized than anyone I have ever met before. Even me (welcome to my OCD, type A personality 😁). At one point, Patricia looked at Phil (with Colling Films) and me and said, “I’m here for the pictures. If we need to postpone the reception a little bit because you guys want to do more, I’m totally okay with that.” This is something I rarely hear on a wedding day. Just to be clear to all my catering friends out there, we only kept them for another 3-4 minutes to make sure we were not encroaching on food readiness timing 😉 Since they did a first look and Phil and I work incredibly well and efficiently together, we didn’t NEED to keep them any longer. They are so photogenic and just worked like magic every time we put them into a pose. I genuinely am obsessed with their images and can’t wait to show you more below!

One thing I want to point out that I’m really proud of are some of the photos of the two of them after the ceremony. Patricia wanted to see the reception setup before all the guests got there. We decided to wrap up their post-ceremony photos at the reception site so we could make this happen. The reception was BEAUTIFUL. Like oh my gosh, crazy beautiful. Donny was standing in the middle of the tables talking to the coordinator when I saw the light hitting him and all the tables just perfectly. Instead of going straight out from under the tent, we took a few bride and groom portraits in their reception. This is something I’ve never done before or even seen done before, but it was magical. The gold chairs, the beautiful florals, the foreground and background, and the lighting…eek. I’m really proud of those images and still blown away at the beauty of this WindRiver wedding.

One other thing I have to point out is Patricia and Donny’s first dance. I knew it was choreographed, but I did not know it was so intensely choreographed. Donny told me right before the first look how much he had practiced and was nervous, but he thought he had it down. When they started the dance, it was very formal ballroom style so I figured it was going to be a classic waltz with some twirls and dips and maybe a lift. About 20 seconds in, however, they broke out in a rap remix, and at one point, Donny did pushups that turned into the splits. They blew away every single guest and vendor under that tent. These two can dance. which they did the rest of the night. It was pretty incredible. Phil got the whole thing on video, and I’m positive he’s going to be putting out a reel or YouTube video with it because it was so good.

Get to scrolling, friends, because you have a TON to look at!


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Venue: WindRiver

Second Photographer: Brittany Miller Photography

Videographer: Colling Films

Florist: Echelon Florist & Gifts

Cake: Magpies Bakery

DJ: Corey Ozair

Hair & Makeup: Southern Belle Beauty, LLC

Wedding Dress: Loveliest Bridal

Wedding Dress Designer: Rebecca Schoneveld

Bridesmaids’ Dresses: White Lace and Promises

Men’s Attire: Generation Tux

Rentals: All Occasions Party Rentals

Calligrapher & Signage: Scruffy City Lettering & Signs


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