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The Julianna Family Session || Knoxville, TN || The Hopkins Family

First off, I need to speak to the fact that The Julianna used to be The Stables at Hunter Valley Farm, and this was the first time I had been there since it reopened as The Julianna. I was blown away at their renovations. As soon as I walked in the front door, the space was so much bigger, so much brighter, and so much more open. They have done a fabulous job at redoing it, and while there are some things carried over from The Stables, they have most definitely made it their own. I don’t have a wedding booked there right now, but I would absolutely love to shoot one there. Big thanks to the Hopkins family for taking me there and opening my eyes to the new beauty that is The Julianna.

Second, I need to speak to how crazy awesome this family coordinated their outfits. It’s hard coordinating with this many people. To make sure everyone has the right style and right shades of colors and dresses vs. non-dresses and button ups vs. non-button ups and patterns vs. solids. I’m impressed. It shouldn’t surprise me too much though because Kaitlin Hopkins, who owns Kaitlin Grace Images, is in this family and was in charge of the outfits. She primarily shoots seniors and absolutely kills it with her styling and outfit recommendations to her seniors.

Lastly, I would love to mention how sweet and precious this family is. These parents had three children who got married and all had two children of their own. Watching them interact and have fun together is exactly why Dustin and I decided to have one more child (for a grand total of three in case you don’t follow me on social media). The big family feel is what we want, and even though it’s going to be hard in these early years, when they are grown and have children of their own, we are going to eat. it. up. We want the loud holidays when everyone comes over and sits around a huge table together. We want the giant fan club at the grandchildren’s sporting events. We want the laughter and inside jokes and the hugs. We want the massive family vacation where we get a giant house and everyone convenes for a week to veg out and chillax together. This family is that. They are precious and so sweet, and I’m so thankful they hired me as their photographer. P.S. I hope I look HALF as good as this grandmother when I’m a grandmother to six grandchildren! I mean, seriously. She’s stunning.


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