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Backyard Family Session || Maryville, TN || Riley is ONE!

Backyard Family Session

This sweet little girl was in her mommy’s tummy when I photographed them last. We were at their property last time as well, which I love because both times we’ve gotten to take photos with their beautiful horses. I’ve always wanted to be a horse lover. From the time I was really young, I gravitated toward horses. In the 5th grade, I went to Camp Wesley Woods for a week in the summer, and before we went, I had to pick an emphasis. I chose horses. We got there, unpacked, set up our bunk, and the first day was just spent doing normal summer camp things. The second day, they took us out to the horse barn and showed us the horse stalls, how to groom them, how to pick up their poop, how to ride them, etc. We were supposed to take turns doing each station, and my first one was grooming. So, I took the brush and started sweeping all the loose fur off the horse’s back. I probably did this for 10-15 minutes before it was time to switch to the next station. We did about an hour’s worth of stations, and then headed back to our cabin for “rest time.” The longer I rested, the more my eyes started feeling puffy and swollen and itchy. I walked out onto the porch of our cabin where our counselor was. She took one look at me and immediately took me to the nurse’s station. I was pumped full of Benadryl, and it was in that exact moment I learned I am allergic to horses. At horse camp. Wooooonderful. I did, however, get out of grooming or stall cleaning for the rest of my time at camp. Since then, I have learned I can ride them, but I need to be careful to not touch their hair and then touch my eyes. I also cannot, under any circumstances, go into an active barn and just chill (I learned that in a different circumstance on a friend’s property in middle school). I’ve since been at wedding venues with functioning barns and have had to go inside them. It’s always an interesting challenge to find someone on site that carries Benadryl, but somehow, I always end up finding some.

That story was definitely not necessary but a fun fact. Regardless of my allergies though, I still love taking photos of them. I LOVE when we get to get up close and personal with them. Even though you will never see me actually touch them. As badly as I want to, it’s just totally not worth it. Plus, I am usually shooting and need at least one functioning eye for that to go smoothly.

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