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Bicentennial Park & Pedestrian Bridge || Nashville, TN || Alyson & Ben

Bicentennial Park & Pedestrian Bridge Engagement Session

Alyson and Ben are one of the many couples to postpone their wedding from last year into this year due to COVID restrictions. They are getting married at Graystone Quarry, which means rescheduling is not easy. If you’ve never heard of this venue, it’s in Nashville, TN, and books weddings Friday-Sunday almost every single weekend. It’s crazy. I honestly don’t know how they have time to clean between. There must be a whole crew that comes in and works overnight because it’s always immaculate when we arrive the next morning. So, Alyson and Ben rescheduled to a Thursday! I’m excited to shoot a weekday wedding at this venue and get back in time to spend the weekend at home!

That is neither here nor there though. What really matters is how freaking adorable these two are. They chose Bicentennial Mall Park because it’s super close to their house, and it’s where they go a lot of evenings to walk their dog together. They stroll through regularly, and I imagine it’s where they do most of their talking. Talking about the wedding, about their future, about the city they love, about holidays and family and their jobs. There are so many conversations and memories being made in this park, which is why it was the perfect spot to do their engagement photos.

You’ve heard me say it before will probably hear me say it again, but choosing your engagement session location can often be easy if you just choose places you and your fiancé(e) spend a lot of time together already.

After we finished at Bicentennial, they drove home to change clothes. In that changing time, the clouds let the bottom out, and it literally monsooned. We met back up at the pedestrian bridge, and it was still pouring. It took us a hot minute to find parking, but once we did, I’m not kidding you when I say it stopped raining minutes before we got out of the car. Then, we had this glowy, misty, hazy sunset against the Nashville skyline that was to DIE for!

I had so much fun exploring Downtown Nashville with these two, and I cannot wait for their wedding in just one short month!

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