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The Pavilion at Hunter Valley Farm || Knoxville, TN || Sarah’s Cake Smash

Hunter Valley Farm Cake Smash

I was literally blown away when I pulled into the parking lot for Sarah’s sunrise Hunter Valley Farm cake smash session. Rachel, Sarah’s mom, was already in the parking lot waiting on me. How in the world??? I was early. She has a toddler and a 1 year old to get ready. Not to mention herself. I thought for sure I would be the one waiting on her (which would be fine. I mean, it was 7am, and she has two little babies). But nope. She was there earlier than me and ready to go.

Sarah had passed out in her car seat on the way over to her Hunter Valley Farm cake smash, but when she woke up, she was all smiles and ready to go. We started with some pretty rose photos, moved in front of the Hunter Valley Farm beautiful doors, and went to the beach before we ended on the boardwalk with her smash cake. The girl was golden. Honestly, she made my job so easy. As soon as I’d put my camera up, she was immediately all smiles. Now, getting big brother in the photo with her was a little bit of a challenge, but nothing that a little bribing can’t fix lol. For those of you against bribing, PLEASE make an exception when it comes to photos because it sometimes is the only thing that works. And you don’t have to bribe with sugar. You can bribe with “going to see the ducks” or “getting to climb on that rock” or “going to see grandma and grandpa later.” I promise you never have to do it again, but for that one split second where your photographer has tried everything, just roll with it. And thankfully, Rachel did. She was totally cool with me doing a little bribing to go “find the ducks” to get him to smile, and I’m happy to report that it did work!

Little Sarah is the most happy, fun little 1 year old. Her Hunter Valley Farm cake smash went perfectly, and I’m excited to share some of my favs from the session with you down below!

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