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Smoky Mountain Cabin Elopement || Hot Springs, NC || Jamie & Steve

Smoky Mountain Cabin Elopement

I am part of a group called the Smoky Mountain Wedding Collective. It’s a group of all kinds of different wedding vendors with permits to shoot and conduct their business in the Smoky Mountains. They have their own website, social media, marketing, etc. Almost daily there are inquiries coming to our inboxes through the Smoky Mountain Wedding Collective page. Most of them I am already booked for, but every now and then one works out where I have the date available. This was the case for Jamie and Steve’s Smoky Mountain cabin wedding in Hot Springs, NC.

I took about a 2 hour drive east headed to Hot Springs, NC. Funny story about this little city. Several years ago, before kids, Dustin and I took some friends up to Max Patch Mountain. I shot a session while Dustin and our friends enjoyed the view. Afterwards, our plan was to camp in Hot Springs. Go visit the Hot Springs and adventure around the area. Well, we did get to do some adventuring, but Hot Springs never came into our trip there. As we were about to leave Max Patch, we realized we didn’t have any service to find our way to Hot Springs, which apparently you can do by going past Max Patch and exiting the mountain on the other side. One guy overheard us and told us the way. He seemed very confident and was certain he knew what he was talking about. We set off in that direction following his instructions to a T. If you’ve never been to Max Patch, it is a gravel road for at least 30 minutes once you exit the interstate. The directions were to keep taking that same gravel road past Max Patch and not to turn, and it would bring you out in Hot Springs. Well, we followed that, and it dead ended at a cliff. We were in Dustin’s little Chevy Malibu and barely made it through in daylight. Now, it was dark, and there was NO WAY we were turning around. So, we stopped there, set up our tent, found some wood for a fire, and did some backwoods camping that was totally unexpected ha! It was a fun adventure, but now having been to Hot Springs, I do still want to go back and just drive straight to Hot Springs. Forget about going through Max Patch ha!

That was a gigantic side note to say I really enjoyed shooting this Smoky Mountain cabin elopement in Hot Springs, NC. It was sweet, quiet, intimate, and romantic, and you can see more of their highlights below!

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