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Castleton Farms || Knoxville, TN Photographer || Meredith & Matthew

Castleton Farms Wedding

Matthew and Meredith had their wedding at Castleton Farms, and they have one of the coolest stories related to picking their venue! After they got engaged, they picked a date about 6 months away. As many of you know, planning a wedding in 6 months is a lot. It can get a little crazy, so Meredith hopped right on the venue search in hopes of finding a dream spot still available with such short notice. She had four venue tours that she took Matthew and her dad to… saving Castleton to last. (This story was a part of her dad’s speech, which I’m SO glad that he shared.) The Castleton tour finally came around and as Matthew drove onto the property, he started to recognize it. He starts saying things like I think I’ve been here before and as they get closer to the house, he realizes that it’s a house that he actually grew up going to all the time. They toured the house first and he sees rooms that he used to eat dinner in and spend the night in. Then it gets really cool. They head to the barn where Meredith and Matthew had their ceremony and reception and Matthew says… my dad actually helped build this barn. The significance of this is the fact that Matthew’s dad actually passed away. So not only did Meredith pick a venue where Matthew actually grew up, but she also picked the spot on the venue to get married (out of several options) where his dad left a physical mark behind before he left this earth. How cool is that?

Bride and groom at this Wedding at Castleton Farms by Knoxville Wedding Photographer, Amanda May Photos.

In all sincerity, you could feel Matthew’s dad’s love reverberating in the walls of that barn during their wedding at Castleton Farms. I don’t know what people do after they get up to heaven… but if they do ever look back down here on earth… I’m certain that he would have been looking on November 9th and grinning from ear to ear. From the stories that I heard told of him all day long, I did not have to meet him to know that he was a pretty cool dude.

But here is something even cooler. One of Matthew’s groomsmen gets up to give a toast after hearing all of this in Meredith’s dad’s speech and says in the beginning of this speech that he does not believe in divine intervention or a high power… and at the end he says “but if there is a high power, I’m pretty sure he had something to do with the fact that you got married in a barn that your dad helped build” and it literally exploded my heart with joy. As a Jesus follower, my soul yearns for people to come to know Him like I know Him. I want that freedom for them. I want that love and grace for them. I want that eternity for them. And sometimes when God moves, He makes it so evidently Him that even nonbelievers have to second guess if He exists or not. And that tiny little fraction of their life may spur one tiny little thought that may just take root and blossom into an amazing relationship with Jesus. I pray that that happens for someone who heard the story of Meredith and Matthew’s venue… it would be SO stinkin’ cool.

Also, on a totally separate note, I need to tell you how amazingly sweet Meredith’s first look with her dad was. You’re definitely going to want to check that out. And also, Matthew’s first look with Teagan (Meredith’s 6 year old daughter) will likely bring a sting of happy tears to your eyes it’s so precious.

Okay. that’s all. ūüôā Please enjoy scrolling through this wedding at Castleton Farms.

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Vendors used by Meredith & Matthew:

Venue: Castleton Farm

Videography: Milestone Pictures

Florist: Samuel Franklin

Cake: Cakery Bakery

DJ: Music in Motion

Hair & Makeup: Whitney Evans Beauty

Wedding Dress: David’s Bridal

Dress Designer: Oleg Cassini

Bridesmaid Dresses: The Dessy Group

Men’s Attire: Men’s Wearhouse

Rentals: All Occasions Party Rentals

Calligraphy: The Tristar Scribe

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