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The Press Room Wedding || Knoxville, TN Photographer || Caroline & Christian

The Press Room Wedding

Caroline and I are a lot alike in our attention to detail, which is one of the reasons I think she chose me as their wedding photographer. Timelines detailed down to 5 minute increments, making sure the whole bridal party is standing at the same angle, and getting symmetrical family photos are my jam. Even the detail photos I want to look random (like the ribbon that is incorporated into my flatlay) are strategically placed in a random way (I feel like that is probably an oxymoron). All that to say I love details, and I love Caroline because she also loves details. The details on her wedding day were pretty much perfect. The week before the wedding, I hopped on a call with Caroline. She proceeded to ask me when she and Christian should exchange gifts. I gave her some options, one being the night before, and she said, “Yeah, I think we need to do it the night before because I’m probably going to want to include the gift he gives me in my detail photos, which means it needs to be there first thing in the morning.” I thought, “YAAAASSSS!!! Thank you for thinking of that!” She also told me when she was picking out perfume and lipsticks that she didn’t even look at the ones that weren’t in pretty bottles/cases because if it wouldn’t photograph well, she didn’t want it anyway. This gives a perfect example of how beautifully obsessed with details we both are, and this is one of the many reasons why her The Press Room Wedding was absolutely so fabulous.

Twirling at this The Press Room Wedding by Knoxville Wedding Photographer, Amanda May Photos.

One of my favorite parts of the day was Caroline and Christian’s first touch. First touches can be done in all sorts of ways. Around a corner, around a door, with a blindfold, etc. Recently, I’ve also seen couples stand back to back. I haven’t done this in the past because it’s been so risky to get them into position without seeing one another. Since there wasn’t a great around-the-corner option, we made back to back happen, and it is my favorite first touch method now! I love it because I could see both of them so well and so easily. From a technical standpoint, they are both in the same kind of light (unlike when they stand on either side of a door, one will have natural light while the other is in incandescent light). Most importantly, they feel so much more of each other than just their fingertips. Standing back to back allows them to lean their heads against one another and their arms rest against one another. When Christian read his letter to Caroline, she lightly grabbed his coattail, and it was so sweet. In the future, if I have couples wanting to do a first touch, I will first suggest going back to back because it is so sweet and so amazing. One other precious thing about their first touch was a conversation I had with Christian as we headed that way. I asked if he thought he was going to cry. With a really genuine look on his face he said he didn’t think so. Fast forward to the first look, and I will let you see how that played out for yourself as you scroll through. It was so stinking sweet!

I absolutely love shooting a The Press Room wedding, and I am SO pumped I have another in December and a couple in 2020. Avery is the lead coordinator there, and she is fabulous on so many levels. Her planning skills are great, of course. But her communication skills, kindness, and overall personality are wonderful. I could not recommend her more if you are looking for a fabulous Knoxville wedding venue! The photos I get from The Press Room weddings I shoot are ALWAYS some of my favorites!

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Vendors used by Caroline & Christian:

Ceremony: Sacred Heart Cathedral

Reception: The Press Room

Videography: Coley Spencer Videography

Florist: Lisa Foster Floral Design

Cake: Publix

DJ: Ogle Entertainment

Makeup: Makeup by Grace Mears

Hair: Hair by Claudia Nicole

Wedding Dress: White Lace and Promises

Bridesmaid Dresses: Show Me Your Mumu

Men’s Attire: Men’s Wearhouse

Stationery: Wallace Paper Company

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