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Knoxville Engagement Session

These two live in Kentucky and came south for their Knoxville engagement session. It was the first day of the season where it was bitterly cold outside (even though you would never be able to tell in the photos), and these two were seriously champs as the chill bumps crept up on their skin. We started in the Old City in Downtown Knoxville. I met them across the street from the Old City Wine Bar, and right off the bat, we found gorgeous lighting, a beautiful red tree, some adorable window boxes, and this awesome green foreground. I used to say I toss out the first 5 minutes of every session because it’s the time where you get a feel for having your photo taken and you realize it’s not weird. By the time we get to minute 6, you’re already more comfortable. But here recently, the images I’ve gotten in the first 5 minutes are some of my favorite from the whole session. Including Whitney and Jordan’s engagement session. This horizontal image you see below is one of my FAVS! I love the foreground, I love their facial expressions, and the way it looks like they are the only two people in all of Downtown Knoxville. They are soaking in the fact that they are getting married in 8 months and will spend forever together, and it just makes their hearts skip a beat. Like how did they pull out all those stops on the FIRST SHOT??? Seriously, guys. I am SO thankful for all my couples and how they trust me enough to go there in the first five minutes we start shooting.

Foreheads together at this Knoxville engagement session by Knoxville Wedding Photographer, Amanda May Photos.

Anyway. Maybe it’s this season of Thanksgiving, but recently, I have just felt like my heart is overflowing with gratitude for every single couple, family, and AMP supporter. This engagement session is amongst the many I have shot where I walk into it with total trust from my client. Trust that I will tell their story, trust that I will make them look good, and trust that they will have images that they love to pass down for generations to come. They know I love my job, and I take it seriously. Thank you, Whitney and Jordan, for doing what you do best and focusing on loving each other while you trusted me to do the rest!

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