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The Square Room Wedding || Pamela & Neal

Winter Wedding at The Square Room

You know those people you have tons of mutual friends with but have never met before? When you finally do meet, you start realizing just how close you have come to meeting on multiple occasions? That was me with Pamela and Neal. Pamela first found me because her best friend Megan works at Hope Resource Center and coordinates weddings with Weddings by Emm. Megan and I also went to the same undergrad college and have other mutual friends sprinkled throughout Knoxville and Kentucky. After I took their engagement photos, I posted them on my blog and socials like usual and got a message from my best friend from college. She said, “oh my gosh, you’re shooting my cousin’s wedding?!?!” I had no idea what she was talking about until she sent me a picture of Neal and his family. So, I guess technically we had met before, but it doesn’t count if neither of us remembered it, right? Then, I was standing outside the ceremony when another couple of mine walk in the doors. I ran over to say hi to them when they told me that they actually left their engagement session with me to go to Pamela and Neal’s engagement party. Then, I saw another guy that used to be a client of mine who is now dating Pamela’s other best friend. What are the chances I would know so many people? And this was so not a big wedding at The Square Room, guys. I’m talking 50-70 people total. Plus, Neal is from Kentucky so it’s not even like he grew up in Knoxville, and we were in a room full of only Knoxville people.

So baffling. Honestly, I wish I had known them sooner because they are really awesome people. Neal and Dustin would get along so well, and I instantly connected with Pamela when she didn’t fret about a little misting that started at her engagement session. We could have been friends this whole time with a pretty big friend group, all things considered.

I am so excited to show you their sweet little winter wedding at The Square Room.

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Vendors used by Pamela & Neal:

Venue: The Square Room

Florist: Lisa Foster Floral Design

Cake: Publix

Rentals: White Table

Caterer: City Catering

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