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2 Month Studio Portraits || Caroline Clare

Bright-Eyed 2 Month Studio Portraits

When my babies were infants, I could set them down for a maximum of 10 minutes before they would start screaming at me to pick them up again. Fast forward, and they self play really well and don’t need my attention every 5-10 minutes. In the beginning, however, it was a struggle. So when I did Caroline’s 2 month studio portraits, that is what I anticipated. Knowing mom and dad didn’t want to be in the portraits, I would have to work fast to get non-crying photos. But nope. This little girl was so bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and was all about having her photos taken. We changed outfits, back drops, and props, but pretty much the whole time she laid on her back looking up at the ceiling or at the camera and absolutely loved it. Just to give you perspective of how long she was like this, they were in my studio for an hour. It’s hard to know how amazing that is when it’s your only child. You have no point of reference or some other child to compare it to. Especially being an only child, it makes it even more impressive because she gets 100% of mom and dad’s attention at this point. I must have said at least 20 times how amazing it was that she went that whole time without being held and was so happy for her entire 2 month studio portraits.

I love the cleanness of her session. I love the simple bright backgrounds and the subtle patterned backgrounds that allow us to fully focus on Caroline and her adorable little features. These are so similar to the photos I took of all my babies at this age, and it makes me so happy knowing these will hang on the walls of their home.

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