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Winter Melton Hill Engagement || Cara & Matt

A Sunny Winter Melton Hill Engagement Session

Sun in the winter is rare here so when I get it during a portrait session, it does not go by unnoticed. The sun is literally my best friend when I’m shooting. It’s not that I hate a cloudy session, I still have cloudy sessions that I love and have generated some of my favorite images, but I LOVE the dimension and depth I see when the sun is out. I love the glow and the warmth. I just LOVE the sun. Ironically, my nickname growing up was sunshine so maybe it’s a sign. This winter Melton Hill engagement session is giving me life on this dreary day.

Cara and Matt were so much fun to have in front of my camera. As we were shooting, Matt taught me so many things. First, if you drive a diesel and the temperatures get below 30 degrees, your fuel will literally congeal, and your car will just stop driving. He found this out the hard way driving through Illinois at Christmas. All you have to do is put antifreeze in your fuel tank, and it will fix the problem for those who also didn’t know this was a thing. Second, there is a nonprofit where you can earn volunteer hours by fostering a dog. Talking to all of my high school and college-aged readers here. You know those volunteer hours you need on your college applications? You can earn them by taking care of a dog. Sounds like the best way to earn some volunteer hours to me!

I loved chatting with them in between our shooting. I could honestly talk to them for hours and how many fascinating fun facts they had just right up their sleeves. Enjoy scrolling through this winter Melton Hill engagement session!

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