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The Barn at Meadow Farms Wedding || Knoxville, TN || Hayden & Nick

The Barn at Meadow Farms Wedding

There are a couple things that really stood out to me at Hayden and Nick’s wedding at The Barn at Meadow Farms, and both pertain to their families. Let’s talk about Nick’s side first. Nick is so smiley and goofy in the best way. Throughout the first look and portraits, Nick was always mumbling something under his breath as he looked into Hayden’s eyes making her crack up. They were so giggly throughout all of their portraits, and I know exactly where he gets it from. His dad! It’s split about 50/50 of dads being the best man in the wedding party. Of the times that dads are the best man though, the dads are definitely the dad of the group. Usually more serious, definitely do not get into character with the funny pictures or playful with the interactive pictures. They usually look at me like I have 3 eyes when I tell them to walk towards me bumping elbows with the guy beside them. But not Nick’s dad. He is so full of life and energy and humor. Typically, my second shooter will take the individual photos of the groom with each groomsman. We always ask if they want a smiling and a funny or if they just want smiling. Nick, of course, chose to do a funny shot. too. So when it came time for their funny shot, he got right up there and did something hilarious with Nick. I think they had us all cracking up! I hope when I’m at my children’s wedding, I have this ability to just relax and be playful with life like him!

Now, let’s talk about Hayden’s family. They remind me so much of my in-laws. Everyone gets along well, loves each other so much, and the children’s spouses are treated the exact same as the core family. To outsiders it’s hard to distinguish who the original family is and who has been added in over the years. I always admire families who can welcome outsiders into their fold so seamlessly. It is a treasure and something I hope to embrace as our family grows years and years from now. As the reception was winding down, the people left were the immediate families of both Hayden and Nick. The DJ was playing the music, and it really just became a family dance party. As I watched this family, who had zero alcohol in them, dance the night away in the freezing cold evening, I couldn’t help but admire their joy for life. I told Hayden how much I adored her family later in the evening, and she smiled so big and said this happens every time everyone is at my parents’ house in the kitchen. It just turns into a big dance party. It feels like home. Such a sweet moment to have on your wedding day!

Now that I got all the sentimental stories out of the way, I have to share the story about the wedding crashers ūüėā As we were waiting for the ceremony to start, there was a couple on the back row. At one point, the woman stands up and is looking around with a furrowed brow like she’s really looking for something specific that’s hard to pinpoint. She scans the rest of the rows in front of her and then to the other side. She sits back down, and five minutes later that same couple gets up, walks behind the barn towards the parking lot kind of quickly, and is never to be seen again. Fast forward to later in the night when we are all gathered around the fire. One of the guests starts telling the groom about this couple sitting next to him right before the ceremony starts. The woman stands up and looks around, sits back down, then awkwardly stares at him. She gets uncomfortably close to him and says, “Who is getting married here?” The man replies, “Hayden Hopkins and Nick Purkey,” and the woman quickly whips her head around to her husband and says, “WE’RE AT THE WRONG WEDDING!!” So, they hop up and jet outta there seconds before the ceremony starts. We were DYING laughing around that fire. Never in my career of 12 years have I seen this happen. So funny.

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Vendors used by Hayden & Nick:

Second Photographer: SkyLights Photography

Venue: The Barn at Meadow Farms

Cake: Happy Everything Baked Goods

DJ: Smoky Mountain Entertainment

Hair: Studio Lakota

Wedding Dress: White Lace and Promises

Bridesmaids Dress Shop: Revelry

Caterer: Buddy’s bar-b-q

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