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Nashville Lifestyle Session || Nashville, TN || Franklin is 3 Months

Nashville Lifestyle Session

Franklin and Evelyn were born almost at the same time with Franklin just being a couple weeks before Evelyn. Getting to photograph him reminded me so much of when I’m photographing Evelyn. All the funny sounds us adults make to get the smile. The different surfaces we find to lay them on to change the photo since all they can really do is either lay on their back or lay on their tummy. Most of the time, 3 month olds are the hardest to photograph. They are still so unpredictable, can’t stay awake for long periods of time, and their smiles are much fewer and far between. Overall, they are just still so little and learning to adjust to the world. But little Franklin was a dream at this Nashville lifestyle session. He was so smiley and such a little ham. The kid was born to have his photo taken. Plus, when he got tired and fussy, it only took him about 60 seconds to pass out on his daddy’s arm, and then, we kept shooting with him sleeping. Truly so impressed by this child.

Absolutely loved photographing the Holden’s Nashville lifestyle session. Their home is so beautiful, Franklin’s nursery is SO cute, and they are an incredible family to work with. I shot Casey and Will’s wedding a couple years ago, and watching them grow their family has brought me so much joy. They are one of those couples I just really connected with on a deep level and have even stayed the night at their house on overnight Nashville trips before. They are so kind, generous, and thoughtful. Thank you, Casey and Will, for allowing me to come into your home yet again. Thank you for letting me photograph your sweet Franklin and for always making me feel so welcome!


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