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Backyard Wedding || Knoxville, TN || Katie & Katie

Backyard Farm Wedding

You may not remember, but I photographed portraits of these ladies last April. They weren’t engaged yet, but that session acted like their engagement session. Their wedding, however, is where I figured out how to differentiate between Katie and Katie 😂 Short Katie, I call Katie. I am long time friends with this Katie and always knew her as Katie. Sometimes even KT because her last name is Taylor, but when you say KT, it still just sounds like Katie. Tall Katie’s last name is Shepard. The family nickname they all had growing upwas Shep, so I called her Shep. I have to say, this is the first time in 11 years I’ve had something like this happen. Then, when I showed up on the wedding day, I learned there were also three different Abbys in the family, too. So many overlapping names in one spot at this backyard wedding! All jokes aside, it was wonderful.

One of my favorite moments from this day was during the ceremony. Shep is almost completely deaf. After they return from their honeymoon, she will have a surgery that will leave her completely deaf. So, she and Katie are learning sign language. So Shep wouldn’t have to read Katie’s lips during the ceremony, Katie signed her vows while Shep held her paper for her. Sign language has always been so beautiful to me. So much movement and so much being said yet no sound is being made. It’s like snow falling. So much movement yet no noise. It’s truly magical. Somewhere in Katie’s vows, she said something along the lines of, “I promise I will love you even after your hearing is completely gone.” I looked around, and there wasn’t a dry eye anywhere. Including Katie and Shep. If you pay attention to the ceremony photos below, you’ll know exactly when this was said because Katie was wiping away tears in between signing.

Another favorite part of this day was getting to photograph Shep and Katie with Jackie who is Shep’s horse for the last 20 years. I have photographed couples with horses multiple times in my career, and none have behaved quite as nicely as Jackie. She is pretty much a little horse model. You must scroll through to see those as well!

Enjoy this backyard wedding that had quite possibly the best burger and fries I’ve ever tasted as the meal. Shout out to Abridged Beer Co.


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DJ: Sequoyah Entertainment

Hair: Grow Knoxville

Wedding Dress: White Lace and Promises

Caterer: Abridged Beer Co.


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