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Shaker Village Wedding || Lexington, KY || Erica & Nick

Shaker Village Wedding with a Quaker Ceremony

I walked into Erica’s room to officially meet her for the first time in person since they booked their Shaker Village wedding with me almost 3 years ago. Having moved the date six times to accommodate COVID craziness, the day had finally arrived, and we were bound and determined to make it the most amazing it could possibly be. We started off on a high note when I randomly chose to wear my leopard print blouse and shoes to her wedding. I walked in and saw she was wearing leopard print Rothy’s under her dress, and when I brought up that we were leopard sisters, she said, “omg, I am obsessed with leopard print, and when you walked in wearing it, I knew exactly why I loved you so much.” It is the little things that mean the most sometimes!

Erica is obsessed with all things Shaker. Choosing to have her and Nick’s wedding celebration at Shaker Village was like choosing Lebron James to be on your basketball team. A no brainer. As she talked to me about the Shaker Village community, she knew about it all. She knew all the names of all the buildings. Where these buildings were located. What the rooms were like in each of the buildings. She had specific buildings she wanted photos in front of and specific types of photos we were going for. The girl knew what she wanted, and I was so happy to make those visions come to life.

There were a lot of things Erica and Nick did for their Shaker Village wedding that are not typical wedding traditions as we know them today. They opted out of a bridal party, and instead, decided to spend more time taking portraits with each other. When the ceremony began, they did a Quaker based ceremony where they self wed, which means there is no officiant. Rather, they led the ceremony and made vows to their parents and to each other. There wasn’t an aisle per se, and they decided whether or not to kiss at the end or just walk out (they kissed btw). It was really neat to be part of a Quaker ceremony tradition.

I’m so thankful Erica and Nick chose me and then stuck with me through all six date changes. It was an absolute honor working with them!


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Second Photographer: Jay + Bee Photography

Venue: Shaker Village

Hair & Makeup: Mollie Monthie Radden

Wedding Dress: Curvaceous Couture Bridal Collection

Wedding Dress Designer: Justin Alexander

Harpist: Graceful Harp


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