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Max Patch Engagement || Suzi & Brock

A Max Patch Sunset Engagement Session

Suzi and Brock both work at Zoo Knoxville. They knew of each other because they both applied for a promotion to be hands on with the giraffes. Brock ended up getting the position, and Suzi said it was good they didn’t meet then because she was so mad at him for stealing the position she wanted. A few months later they matched through a dating app and realized they have more in common than sharing an employer and love of animals. We spent the first 30 minutes of their Max Patch sunset engagement session hiking up to the top of the mountain. I learned so much about them in that short time. Mainly how passionate they are about nature and animals. You’ll see a photo of Suzi’s engagement ring on a mushroom because Brock loves mushrooms and knows all about them. From their type, if they are poisonous, what they taste like, and so much more.

Speaking of Suzi’s ring, you’ll notice it is not a diamond. There is SUCH a cool story here. Brock took Suzi mining for stones on a date. They literally had a hammer and chisel and went to town inside this mine where they found several stones. After you’re done mining, they offer to cut your stones for you to be used for jewelry. Suzi sent back her stones to be cut for some different gift ideas, but Brock held onto his. Little did Suzi know, he had different plans for his stones. He sent them off to be cut and then had one set in the ring he proposed with. Isn’t that so cool??

It’s been SUCH a long time since I photographed a Max Patch sunset session. I forget the grandness of that view until I’m back there, and words and pictures just don’t do it justice. Enjoy the greatness of these mountains, and the cutest subjects in front of those mountains ūüėú

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