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Hunter Valley Proposal || Rudy & Urvi

A Summer Hunter Valley Proposal

Rudy reached out to me about a week before he planned to propose to his beautiful girlfriend Urvi. He knew it was short notice. So, in his inquiry form, he gave me his phone number and said, “if you have this date open, please call me.” He caught me right at the perfect time because when I looked at the date, it was my last availability for August. So, I called him, and he picked up right away. We chatted about his Hunter Valley proposal, and I knew it was a great fit.

Fast forward to the Hunter Valley proposal, and the place I was anticipated hiding was not a great place to hide. See, Hunter Valley has a building at the top of the aisle I thought I could hide behind. It turns out the boards are spaced about 1 inch apart though, and you could totally see me right through. So, where should I hide? Behind the fern. I was so scared they would still be able to see me that I actually fluffed some of that fern over top of my back so I was literally hiding under a fern. But hey, it worked! We got Rudy’s Hunter Valley proposal to Urvi beautifully documented, and I’m absolutely so thrilled to be sharing these below!

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