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Studio Maternity Session || Noel & David

A Simple Maternity Session in the Studio at Fountain City

Originally, Noel decided on a local park for her and David’s maternity photos. A few days before, however, I got a message from her saying, “If I see one more maternity session in a big field with a giant dress and a belly sticking out, I’m going to lose it. Let’s move our session to your studio.” I literally laughed out loud because I get it. I have also seen these sessions a LOT. They are beautiful, don’t get me wrong, but also, it seems like they are everywhere right now. So, when Noel and David wanted to move indoors and do something a little more simple, I was totally down!

If you know Noel, you know she is famous for doing the splits at every dance party. She cheered for most of her life, and the splits have stuck with her even after she finished cheering. I first met her as a bridesmaid at Emilyn and Weston’s wedding back in June. She was newly pregnant then, but she still dropped into the splits two separate times at the reception. Later in her pregnancy, like just a couple weeks before these photos, she and David attended another wedding. She said, “I didn’t think I’d be able to do them this far along, but I did. It wasn’t as easy, but it did for sure happen!” I always admire women who keep up the same level of activity in their pregnancy. Especially after the first trimester nausea and exhaustion. It takes some serious discipline, but I guess in Noel’s case, she didn’t have a choice. She is in medical school right now and is regularly in surgeries that last hours with no water or food. Plus, she’s on her feet a lot, and I’m just thoroughly impressed. I didn’t include any of these photos in their blog post, but at the end of our session, David asked if he could get one more photo. I rarely get special requests from guys so I eagerly agreed. He took Noel’s shoes off, had her sit on my couch opposite him, and put her feet in his lap. He started rubbing and told me he needed this to be documented forever to show everyone what he has done this entire pregnancy. Noel and I started dying laughing. I also made a joke that Dustin and I should have done that because he also rubbed my feet my entire pregnancy.

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