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A Rainy Wedding at The Quarry Venue || Amy & Antonio

Overcoming a Rainy Wedding at The Quarry

Amy is Vietnamese, Antonio is Hispanic, and both are Catholic. Between the two of them, there were LOTS of traditions on their wedding day; none of which included a bunch of tiny pop-up rain showers! When I checked the weather the night before their wedding, it said 18% chance of precipitation. The morning of their wedding, it said 24% chance of precipitation. As we walked out of Saint John Neumann Catholic Church to sprinkles, however, we checked the radar, and there was rain off and on for the rest of the day. Not ideal. BUT Amy and Antonio had a team of wedding vendors determined to make the day beautiful and perfect.

First of all, I need to give a massive shoutout to The Quarry Venue. They were setting everything out and designing the cocktail hour and reception when gusts of wind came through turning over vases, candles, and floral arrangements. It blew over metal pipe picture stands and table cloths flew off tables. They came back through and fixed it all just to have it happen again…and again…and again. Then, out of nowhere, the clouds rolled in and dropped a short monsoon on the whole shebang. Now, they were hustling to move various pieces inside to the reception hall without making the reception feel cramped or out of sorts. They moved things, covered things up, rearranged, and did all of this without complaining. I was amazed at their hustle and how well they implemented so many things so quickly without fault.

I also need to shout out to my second shooter, Candice. For Amy and Antonio’s wedding day, I was flying back into Knoxville the day before from Arizona. My flight was scheduled to leave Arizona at 3:20pm and arrive in Dallas at 8:00pm. I was then leaving Dallas at 9pm and landing back in Knoxville at midnight. I was flying American, and when I arrived to my gate in Arizona, my flight was delayed to 4pm. We didn’t actually get in the air until 5:30pm, and if you are doing the math there, I should have missed my connection. I was FREAKING out. This is SUCH a long story that is full of some serious divine intervention that I’m going to share in more detail in my “Coming Face to Face with God’s Grace and Glory” blog post later this year. For now, all you need to know is I didn’t get home until 2:30am the morning of their wedding, went to sleep at 3am, and woke up at 7am to get to their venue by 8:30am. It was a hectic and stressful evening, and I was in communication with Candice through it all. At one point, I thought I may not arrive in Knoxville until 10:15am the morning of the wedding and was arranging for Candice to show up for me that morning as an associate photographer. Thankfully, we didn’t end up having to do that, but she still showed up early the next day with an extra coffee for me in her hand. She was eager to help in all the ways and stepped up doing things I normally don’t have my second shooters do. I’m telling you, I ran this girl around like crazy, and she did it all with a smile on her face and zero complaints. So, thank you, Candice. You were amazing. I literally couldn’t have done it without you!

Finally, I also would like to point out Amy and Antonio’s attitude when the rain came. They could have crumbled. They could have been angry or sad or disappointed. Instead, they looked blissfully into one another’s eyes and just rolled with it. They adjusted and shifted, went outside when we could, and went inside when we couldn’t. They didn’t let it ruin their day, and when we did get to go outside, they worked quickly so Phil (the videographer) and I could get what we needed in the short time we had! Also, the night shots are some of my FAVORITE. The sparkle in her dress and in his jacket look SO good!

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Vendors used by Amy & Antonio:

Second Photographer: Candice Cornett Photography

Ceremony: Saint John Neumann Catholic Church

Reception: The Quarry Venue

Videographer: Colling Films

Florist: Robin’s Nest

DJ: DJ Connection Entertainment

Hair & Makeup: Effortless Beauty

Wedding Dress: The Gilded Gown

Bridesmaids Dress Shop: Azazie

Rentals: All Occasions Party Rentals

Caterer: Canton House

Bartender: The Pour Guys

Photobooth: Say Cheese Photo Fun

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