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Hunter Valley Farm Wedding || Knoxville, TN || Emily & Mike

Hunter Valley Farm Wedding

Right in the middle of the reception, Emily’s grandparents got up, clung to one another, and swayed to their favorite song. I don’t know what song it was exactly, but it gave me Nat King Cole vibes. When I looked around The Pavilion at Hunter Valley Farm, every person had stopped what they were doing to watch these two sway on the dance floor. Their eyes were closed, their grip was tight, and grandpa kept kissing grandma’s head. Surely enough, woman after woman began wiping tears from their cheeks. Including me and my second shooter. After the second chorus, grandpa grabbed ahold of Emily, grandma grabbed Mike, and they danced for the remainder of the song. Afterwards, they came together with the sweetest family hug I have ever seen.

The love between these two trickled down to Emily’s parents, and now, to Emily and Mike. It is undeniable that this is a family that knows how to love. The importance they place on marriage is beautiful and inspirational. I can only hope Dustin and I are out on the dance floor at our grandchildren’s weddings making everyone cry sweet, precious, happy tears as we sway to our favorite song.

I absolutely loved Emily and Mike’s wedding. It was simple yet so so beautiful. It was small but still overflowing with so much love. It was delicious and air conditioned and so relaxed. At the end of the day, after Emily and Mike’s official exit, we did a few more sunset photos. Their guests had mostly left at that point, their car was loaded up with all their honeymoon things, and I got a couple minutes to chat with just them before we parted ways. Emily looked at me and said, “Amanda, you have been just amazing. If there was one thing I knew I didn’t have to worry about coming into today, it was the photos. You gave me so much peace and confidence, and I know they are going to be absolutely stunning.” I must have been emotional that day because again, I was choking back the happy tears. Then Mike, earlier in the day, told me how awesome my marketing was and how impactful the AMP experience was to him and Emily (and this is saying a lot because Mike works in national marketing for a company in Knoxville).


You have no idea what those words mean to me. They are not just words. They are sweet celebrations that help when bookings are slow or clients are difficult. They are encouragement when the busyness sets in and burnout starts to happen. They are positive thoughts and inner words when I’m sitting at the computer for hours upon hours editing by myself in the quiet. We have to train our minds to not go to worst case scenario, and when clients give feedback like this, that training runs a little deeper and gets a little more intuitive.

So, thank you, Emily and Mike. Thank you for letting me be a part of your day and for speaking these super kind words to me. You guys are truly amazing.

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Vendors used by Emily & Mike:

Second Photographer: Candice Cornett Photography

Venue: Hunter Valley Farm

Florist: Swank Floral

Cake: Gondolier

Hair & Makeup: The Effortless Beauty Co.

Wedding Dress: Monica’s Bridal Shop

Bridesmaids’ Dress Shop: Azazie

Stationery: The Knot

Caterer: Rothchild Catering

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