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Newborn Studio || Knoxville, TN || Caroline Jones

Newborn Studio

When photographing newborns with their toddler siblings, you can never really predict how it’s going to go. You can never set expectations because newborns and toddlers are the most unpredictable of all the unpredictables. So, I always go into these sessions with a completely open mind so I can just shift and mold to whatever they are doing to find the goodness of the moment. When the Jones family arrived for their newborn studio photos, little Caroline needed to eat. While she was eating, I played with her big sis throwing a little mermaid doll around. I got some BEAUTIFUL images of her doing this with the biggest smile on. When Caroline was done eating, she passed out, and I got some amazing shots of her as well. Then, it was time to get Caroline and Kinsley together, and thats when the challenge set in. As I edited their gallery, however, you would have never known it was as crazy as it was, which is exactly what I told Kayla as they loaded up the car. When things get a little chaotic during a session, it consumes the whole session and makes you feel like it was a total botch. Really, we always end up getting some beautiful shots in and around the chaos. In this case, we got over 200 deliverables! So, next time your kiddos aren’t cooperating and you think there’s no WAY she got anything good, don’t worry, we did! Even if it doesn’t feel like it!

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