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Baxter Gardens Family || Knoxville, TN || Jesse & Haley

Baxter Gardens Family of 3 Session

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Jesse and Haley have been clients of mine for a little over a year now. I initially met them as a bride and groom, and now, I have gotten to capture their sweet little family three times. Last time, we were at Stanley’s Greenhouse, and the time before, we were at Mead’s Quarry. In the Stanley’s blog, I wrote about what fun and amazing parents they are. How they set the right expectations going into a family session with a toddler. No parent can ever expect to get all the smiling, posed, looking at the camera photos with a toddler. You have to be ready to get a lot of candids and be on the move. The sweet little ones will never cooperate, and the more you set the right expectation, the less dread and let down you feel.

They were no different at this Baxter Gardens session. They were ready for the adventure of following sweet Case around as he explored the grounds. Little did we know that he would get so distracted with all the pea gravel that hardly anything else would take his mind off of it. So, we just embraced it. I put a little piece of it on the inside of my lens hood and lured Case into looking into my camera. Then, we made a trail of it and let him walk along the brick wall stomping on all of it. We did a couple of him throwing it into the little creek (Yes, this is probably frowned upon, but a couple handfuls never hurt, right?? Plus, it literally made his day). He had fists of it while he rode on daddy’s shoulders and pockets full when he twirled around with mama.

The key here is that Jesse and Haley just embraced it. Yes, almost every single one of their photos includes some little rocks in their son’s hands, but that is him right now. That is what he is into, and instead of trying to make him into something he isn’t, we just embrace the boy-ness and let him get a little dusty, hold onto the rocks, and even throw them a little bit.

So thankful for clients who are willing to roll with whatever crazy ideas I might have to get their toddler into it. It really is the best.

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