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Grotto Falls Proposal || Smoky Mountain National Park || Daniel & Tracy

Grotto Falls Proposal

at grotto falls proposal

My family goes to the Smoky Mountain National Park as often as we can. We love going on hikes, drives, camping…you name it. If it’s in the mountains, we love it. But it’s different when I go for work. It’s a lot more purpose driven. I’m walking fast, no snacks, no water bottle, no stopping to look at bugs or plants or views. I’m just hustling.

When I shoot a Grotto Falls proposal, I’m usually scheduled to start hiking 15 minutes before the couple starts. I have no idea how quick they hike so I don’t let myself get distracted for fear of them catching up with me and me not being able to be as inconspicuous as I need to be. Then, once I get there, I sit down, and I wait. I watch the trail winding up towards Grotto Falls and check to make sure it’s not my couple every time someone rounds the corner. I look over my shoulder probably 30 times before it’s the right person, and then, I get up and start making my way to a good spot. Blending in as best I can. For this particular Grotto Falls proposal, I made friends with a lady sitting on a rock and asked if I could act like I was there with her. She played along so sweetly, and it helped me blend a little more. It also helped in this case that there were at least 3 other people at the falls this day with big cameras that looked official so Tracy really didn’t suspect me at all 😂.

I love proposals. There is such an emotional wave that comes over with a monumental surprise like asking a girl to be your wife. Both parties are jittery and overflowing with cheesy smiles and gushing PDA. It’s the best. I always get an unexplainable rush of nerves for the guy right before he drops to his knee even though I’m sure the girl is going to say yes. I’m not sure it’s nerves though. Maybe it’s excitement because I know what a fun journey they are about to embark on together.

Either way, proposals are so much fun to shoot, and I’m so thankful Daniel asked me to be there during this sweet moment. These two are precious!

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