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Family session at Baxter Gardens

If you’ve been around here for any length of time, you’ve met Beth. Probably virtually because most of the stuff she does for AMP is behind the scenes, but her role on my team is essential. I’m talking essential-worker-status-in-a-pandemic kind of essential 😂 (when will pandemic jokes get old??) She’s got one of the sweetest husbands and two ADORABLE little kiddos.

There’s one thing I love to do here at Amanda May Photos, and that’s to let my team feel loved and valued. One of the ways I do that is through gifting them a session with me. They can use it at any time of the year, in any way they want, and I just want to turn the tables and serve them. This year, I did that for Beth with a family session at Baxter Gardens.

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve shot there a lot this month. I think I’ve only not shot there a couple times actually. It’s always gorgeous, and it’s more gorgeous this year than it’s ever been. The creeping phlox section is my personal favorite, and at the beginning of April, it literally looked like a purple and white blanket just thrown over the ground. It’s also been especially more crowded this year than it’s ever been, but I get it. It’s gorgeous, and it’s only open for a limited time so everyone has to squeeze it on their calendar.

Beth and Adam’s little girl, Scarlett, is maybe the most precious thing on the planet. She and Grayson LOVE playing together, and there is nothing better than hearing them giggle in the background while Beth and I hang out. We’ve already determined they are going to be the best of friends, and if we could arrange their future marriage, this is who it would be with 😂 No, but seriously, all jokes aside, I’m so thankful for this family. For not only Beth’s and my friendship, but Adam’s and Dustin’s, Scarlett’s and Grayson’s, and I’m sure right around the corner will be Hazel’s and Peyton’s. God knew what He was doing when He crossed our paths, and I’m just overflowing with gratitude for it. I hope you enjoy their family session at Baxter Gardens as much as I did! It’s adorable!

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