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Baxter Gardens || Knoxville, TN || Ava is 9 Months

Baxter Gardens 9 Month Session

Little Ava is 9 months old. As I pulled into the driveway for her Baxter Gardens 9 month session, I got a text from her mom that said, “We’re here btw…in case you didn’t hear Ava screaming,” and I laughed out loud because I can relate so much to her in that moment. Hazel was the exact same way when she was a baby…aaaaand kinda still is ha. I call their personalities fiery. They have a lot of passion that just bursts out. Sometimes in giggles, sometimes in screams, sometimes in crying. Now, with Hazel sometimes in song. The girl loves to just make up songs and sing them over and over and over and over. These personalities are the ones that are going to be leaders one day. They are ones that are going to find what they are passionate about and figure out a way to do it for a living because they know what they want and aren’t afraid to go for it. They bring light into a room and joy to a group of people. Parenting them is hard sometimes, but one day, they will make the biggest mark on the world in the best way.

I can’t believe Ava is already 9 months old. She’s so close to walking, and I know her 1 year session is going to be ADORABLE! Brittney and I talked about the book we are going to make with all of her photos and how massive it’s going to be because there are just so. many. good. ones.


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