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Castleton Farms Engagement || Knoxville, TN || Kayley & Hayden

Castleton Farms Engagement Session

If you can’t tell, I’ve been going out to Castleton a lot lately. From engagement sessions to anniversary sessions to a wedding there last Saturday. Honestly, it never disappoints. It’s pretty in every season, in all different weather types, and somehow, someway I’m still finding spots I’ve never shot in before. How? Literally how? Just do a search on my site for Castleton Farms, and you will see for yourself how many times I’ve shot out there. SO. MANY. TIMES. ūüėā

So, this SUPER weird thing happened during Kayley and Hayden’s engagement session. I could have sworn I met Kayley at the 2021 Castleton Farms open house. Would have bet my life on it. Nope. Definitely didn’t. Kayley didn’t even come to the 2021 Castleton Farms open house. When I brought it up, she looked so confused. Apparently, I met another Kayley with long, brunette hair getting married in 2023. So crazy! Guys, this happens to me ALL the time. Not necessarily at engagement sessions, but just out and about at random places. We’ll be walking through the aisles at Target, and I’ll see someone I’ve definitely seen before but will have no idea where I saw them. It usually turns out they look like one of my couples or their family members or a bridal party member, and it’s the weirdest d√©j√† vu moments.

I had so much fun with Kayley and Hayden at their Castleton Farms engagement session! It was hot and humid, but 100% beautiful lighting that I would take ANY DAY! I loved getting to know more about these two and cannot wait for their wedding almost exactly a year from now!

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