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Whitestone Inn Elopement || Ryan & Faith

A Small Whitestone Inn Elopement

Ryan reached out to me about his Whitestone Inn elopement just a couple of months before it was scheduled to happen. He gave me a little background about him and his fiancée, Faith. Mostly that they met at the church where they are leaders and their faith is something extra special and important to them. He was so incredibly nice through his emails. Thanking me for doing this on such short notice and leaving my family to come serve them. His gratitude was so genuine and so heartfelt. He even mentioned that he would be praying for me as I prepared for their wedding and made the trip out to Whitestone Inn. Why do I tell you all this? Because I have a pretty cool Jesus story of my own on their wedding day.

If you live in Knoxville, you know we have had a really dry fall. So dry, in fact, that our trees started losing their leaves before they ever turned to those pretty fall colors. It hadn’t rained in a couple of weeks, and when the forecast came through for Faith and Ryan’s Whitestone Inn elopement, it was a 70% chance of rain all afternoon. Right up until dark. So, I packed my umbrella and started game-planning for shooting under covered areas on my drive out there. I didn’t map it because I’ve been to Whitestone a lot, and I know the way. About halfway there, I decided to map it just to ensure my ETA was what I thought it would be. I am so thankful I ended up mapping it because there was a massive wreck on the main route to get there, and it was taking me in the opposite direction!! Also, thankful I left with more than enough time to spare because my 30-minute early arrival turned into a 10-minute early arrival with the detour. I have my raincoat on, my rain boots on, and four umbrellas in my hand as I begin to unload my car at the chapel at Whitestone. I stepped out of my car, and it wasn’t raining. Although it had rained the entire 1 hour drive there. I checked the forecast again, and now, it says the rain is gone and won’t be back the rest of the evening! In that moment, I did a little happy dance but still brought the umbrellas inside just in case. The getting ready photos and the ceremony unfolds. Then, we pack up our things to head out for portraits, and it’s still not raining. THANK YOU, JESUS. I’m not lying when I tell you I got into my car to leave, and as I pulled out of Whitestone, it started sprinkling and rained the rest of my way home.

I realize having Jesus answer a simple traffic prayer or a simple rain prayer is not monumental. It’s not life-changing or life-saving. For most people, it’s a “so what?” situation. But for me and Ryan and Faith at their Whitestone Inn elopement, it was a huge deal. It was the difference between starting on time and starting 30 minutes late. It was the difference between having to shoot indoors and on porches the whole time vs. getting to take advantage of the BEAUTIFUL property at Whitestone. This was their wedding day. It was a big deal to them. It was a big deal to me. And they sent me off with a prayer I felt to my bones.

I’m so thankful for them and my interaction with them. I’m thankful for their transparency in their faith, and I’m really stinking grateful the Lord decided to part the clouds for us because we got some absolutely stunning images!

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Vendors used by Ryan & Faith:

Venue: Whitestone Inn

Cake: Sweet Harmonious

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