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Mead’s Quarry Family Session || Owens Family

Mead’s Quarry Family of Four

I met the Owens Family because my son (Grayson) and their son (Maverick) were in the same Pre-K class. We hit it off right away and would always chat at drop-off and pickup. We even went camping together one weekend and took a mother-son trip to Dollywood. I quickly came to learn just how silly Maverick is. He is all boy and loves to make silly faces and do silly things. Diana, momma Owens, gave me a little challenge before their Mead’s Quarry family session. She said if I can get a real smile out of Maverick, she would count that as a MASSIVE win. Challenge accepted. Not only did I get one real smile out of him, I’m proud to announce I got lots of real smiles out of him. I’m just so thrilled because there is proof on Diana’s phone that Maverick likes his creepy smile more than his real smile.

All joking aside, getting a kiddo’s real smile is something I really work at during our session. With three kids of my own, I know how often littles do the Chandler Bing smile or the robot smile or basically anything other than their real, genuine smile. And isn’t that why you’re having professional photos taken in the first place? To capture and preserve that precious little smile you love so much?? I know that’s why I hire a professional to take our photos as a family. Before having kids, I was pretty good at getting the good smiles out, but after having both a boy and two girls, I know all the tricks to getting the good smiles. Trust me when I tell you, I don’t care how stubborn your little one is. I will get it out of them.

Now that I’ve confessed my super power, you can scroll through all the photos and see just how many good smiles I got at the Mead’s Quarry family session!

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